Creation & Animation: Shorts

loveandtheft Love & Theft
by Andreas Hykade
2010, 7min, HD
emil Emil
by Martin Schmidt
2013, 4 min, HD
12jahre 12 Years
by Daniel Nocke
2010, 4min, HD
milkmilklemonade Milk Milk Lemonade
by Ged Haney
2010, 15min, HD
therunt The Runt
by Andreas Hykade
2006, 10 min, 35mm
Nuggets Nuggets
by Andreas Hykade
2014, 5 min, HD
finalsolution The Final Solution
by Phil Mulloy
2004, 24min, 35mm
keinplatzfürgerold No Room for Gerold
by Daniel Nocke
2006, 4 min, 35mm
lecouloir Le Couloir
by Gagnol & Felicioli
2005, 17 min, 35mm
dieschöpfung The Creation
by Thomas Meyer-Hermann
1995, 7 min, 35mm
ringoffire Ring of Fire
by Andreas Hykade
2000, 15 min, 35mm
dermodernezyklop The Modern Cyclops
by Daniel Nocke
2002, 11 min, 35mm
zebra Zebra
by Julia Ocker
2013, 4 min, HD
schnippschnapp Trim Time
by Gil Alkabetz
2001, 2,5 min, 35mm
bruderjakob Brother Jacob
by Anna Kalus
2004, 3 min, Beta SP
diestrafegottes Great is the Mistery of Godliness
by Louis Zoller
2004, 10 min, 35mm
yankale Yankale
by Gil Alkabetz
1995, 9 min, 35mm
rubicon Rubicon
by Gil Alkabetz
1997, 7 min, 35mm
flugbild Flugbild
Thomas Meyer-Hermann
1989, 3 min, 35mm
mrchocolatemeetsmissmilk Mr. Chocolate
Thomas Meyer-Hermann
1992, 5 min, 35mm